has, through its existence, evolved into a trustworthy resource for health information and supplement reviews online. Science-backed and highly informed, the Keefe Memorial catalog features expert-reviewed data related to joint health and brain function for patients and individuals looking to improve their well-being.

This website is dedicated to helping people make informed choices. This includes not only medications and supplements but also lifestyle choices such as diet, sleep, sun exposure, and natural biohacking methods among others.

So, what is Keefe Memorial All About?

Keefe Memorial is a place where you’ll see me and a team of amazing individuals share their thoughts on joint health, weight management, and nootropics. We’re aware there is a lot of “fake news” in the neutraceutical market, and we want to be a resource that you can turn back to whenever in doubt.

Our site gives you easy-to-digest information to help you reach your health goals quicker.

Cutting through questionable advice has never been harder. Luckily, we’re doing the legwork for you every time we analyze a product to determine whether the ingredients live up to the manufacturer’s claims.

At the moment, we’ve diverted our focus to joint supplements and nootropics. However, our new content program also includes broader health topics which we’ll expand into as Keefe Memorial continues to grow.

Speaking of Which…

We’re still in the early stages of our new content production. We want to build this into a resource everyone can benefit from. We thank you for your readership and hope that we’ll inform as many of you as possible with your health articles and product inspections.