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Cheyenne County Public Health
Contact Information:
(719) 767-5616

Kelli Adamson, Public Health Nurse, Director, email
Kelli Adamson, Public Health Nurse, Staff RN, email
Chris Smalley, Public Health Office Manager, email
Darcy Janssen, Emergency Preparedness Program Director, Regional EPR Planner, email
Collene Walsh, Prevention Programs Director (CTC -Communities That Care, PDDP -Persistent Drunk Driving Prevention, Tobacco Prevention program, Baby & Me Tobacco Free), email
Jody Sharp, Homemaker Personal Care Program, email
Cheyenne County Emergency Operation Plans
Keefe Memorial Hospital | What’s New?
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What’s New?

You Can Help Us Recruit Our Next Physician

Keefe Memorial Hospital is currently looking for a physician. Please contact Ginny Hallagin, CEO at (719) 767-5662 ext 2000 for any additional information or with any lead or contact information. Please direct any prospective physician to our website for in depth information about our hospital and community.

New Prescription Discount Information
Call Prairie View Clinic at (719) 767-5669 for information on the new medicare prescription card discount program. Bring your medications with you to see what manufacturers are offering for discounts with your medications.

Online Healthcare
Online healthcare is now a reality at Keefe Memorial Hospital. We are happy that we can help our region by providing interactive healthcare services.

Please try out our other online services.

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